About me

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From childhood it fascinates me to teach other people, from “playing school”  in my childhood, working as a teacher at a primary school (in Poland), working as
a teacher at a secondary school (in the Netherlands) to organizing and providing language courses for adults through my own company.

At present I teach:
• Dutch to Polish people
• Polish to Dutch people
• English to both Polish and Dutch people

My work gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. Especially when my students break  their language barrier and achieve their life goals, such as:
• finding a job,
• buying a house,
• the ability to communicate, in business as well as private on a daily basis.

I have extensive experience in working with individuals and groups from 5 year
old children, teenagers and adolescents to adults.

My Polish and Dutch teacher’s degree qualifies me to teach.

I live and work for over 10 years in the Netherlands (Hengelo Ov.).

I am proud that I can help my students to overcome their resistance and develop
language skills thus are better equipped to reach their life goals.